Michael Kramp



Michael Kramp

Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, and Professional Landlord from Ontario

Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Michael developed his passion for the real estate field at the young age of 19. Wanting to learn the industry from the ground up, he co-founded Walcott Properties, offering property management services to homeowners investing in Brantford Ontario. 

This experience gave Michael lots of perspective and new expertise. In October 2019, just under 1 year after starting his real estate journey, Micahael purchased his first multi-residential property in Brantford, starting his career as a real estate investor. 

Today, Michael actively invests in real estate with a focus on value-add projects ranging from duplex conversions to cosmetic fixer uppers while handling property management operations in Brantford, Oakville and the Great Toronto Area. He and his company have partnered up with the  Real Property Leasing, Spotted Properties Inc. and The Professional Landlord Group to expand in operations. He has developed a keen sense and understanding of renovations, tenant management and real estate marketing. 

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Is it your first investment or the 100th? Let Michael walk you through it.


More than just leasing, Michael gives the best advice in responding to the needs and behavior of the market.


Michael can introduce you to the ins and outs of how the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) works.


There’s no fast train to reach the peak but surely you can speed up your growth and enhance your finances.


Quickly learn why multi-family homes are the best type of income property for building income and wealth!


From the smallest up to the biggest decisions renovations. Michael helps you envision a better property.

Professional Skills

What makes Michael a reliable Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Professional Landlord, and Business Coach? He’s got the skills!

Analytical Skills​ 92%
Design Thinking 92%
Communication 98%
Finance 95%
Organization and planning 91%

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